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Article: Your Routine to More Energy

Your Routine to More Energy

Your Routine to More Energy

Yay, It’s February 2024! But are you feeling like you're running on empty, with your energy levels dwindling faster than a melting ice cube on a hot summer day? Or are you angry as all heck- feeling resentful or frustrated? Then maybe it’s time to audit your daily rituals for an extra boost of self-love, release, energy, and vitality! I hope these ideas sprinkle a little magic into your routine.

  1. Start the Night Before 

Cease hitting the snooze button repeatedly and dragging yourself out of bed feeling like you've been hit by a freight train in the mornings.  Listen, hitting the snooze button is a form of resistance. You are telling your mind and body that the new day is unwanted. That’s bringing negativity to your mornings.

How? Start a proper sleep schedule the night before. Set your alarm an hour before bed so you know that it is almost sleep time. Wash your face, brush your teeth, or play that rhythm that helps signal that it is time for bed. We breathe deeper as our body is at rest so open the windows, even if it is cold (bundle up!) so that you get proper airflow and notice how much better you feel when you get up. 

  1. Rise and Shine with a mental practice and Aromatherapy

Once you’ve learned the amount of sleep you need, and the proper way your body likes to rest then you can transition into a gentle morning meditation. 

How? Take a few moments to connect with your breath and think about where you are right now… perhaps, still on your bed or looking out a window or in front of a mirror. Just focus on right now. In the back of your mind, you already have that list of things to do but right now YOU ARE HERE. This helps clear your mind of all those pesky, sneaky thoughts that used to get you all riled up in the mornings and leads you onto the path of gratitude. Gratitude leads to satisfaction and love. And while you're at it, why not enhance your experience with the soothing scent of our floral-scented body soap nearby? The gentle aroma of gardenia, lavender, rose, or citrus will fill your senses and support your mental practice, leaving you feeling renewed. 

  1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Hydrate with water first thing in the morning before reaching for tea or coffee and throughout the day. Learn your body over time, as you may not need as much water as you think. For instance, in the summertime, it might be extra warm and you might need more water. However, in the winter you might retain more water and might need to consume less. I shoot for 80 ounces throughout the day because my body feels good with that level of consistency. 

  1. Move!

Over time, you’ll graduate to movement if you haven’t already. Move with the Sun by walking or running, gardening… whatever it is, just get outside. But if that’s not for you, then stretching, yoga, walking around indoors or dancing works just fine. You might prefer organic movements that you can mix in the day effortlessly and can do without a gym membership such as bending, walking, and dancing. Try something simple to get started like fluffing up firm pillows on the couch, which get your shoulders and forearms moving especially in the mornings. Or you might love heart-pumping workouts with equipment and a gym, go for it and enjoy! 

  1. Fuel Your Body with Nutrient-Rich Foods and Nourishing Cleansing

They say you are what you eat. Keep this in mind when choosing the food you eat. Moderation is key in all things. I am a pescatarian who loves fries and all things bread. Will I ever quit? Probably not, but I don’t make them a large part of my diet. I also eat when I’ve earned a hunger and it’s usually around mid-day and my energy levels have been topnotch. 

In the morning and middle of the day, you can even try an ice water routine. Put ice-cold water in a bowl and dip your face inside. It reduces pores, makes you more alert, and is good for that extra oomph. I add rose powder to my ice water for its brightening, softening, and pore-reducing qualities. And it smells natural and amazing too! 


@angenikacare Using ice water to refresh, energize, and minimize appearance of pores 🥶❄ Hold to speed up. #ice #icewater #skincare #skincareroutine #routine #rosepowder #soap ♬ Miss You More (Remix) - Rivaldo Wohon


  1. Reading and Journaling 

Ok, if you’re in corporate versus a self-employed entrepreneur, this step might be harder to follow. You can read for 5 minutes but that depends on what you’re reading. You can journal for 3 to 10 minutes but that depends on if you’re stretched for time or not. Here’s my take: I’ve survived in both worlds. Working for corporate, I’ve listened to audiobooks, journal while others were on coffee breaks, and read and journal before bed. The trick is to think about yourself first, be discreet, and capitalize on the moment. Finish what you need for your job and if you can get a lunch break, take the actual break away from people and your desk. 

Entrepreneurs tend to work more hours, especially the self-employed ones. Our work and personal lives are intertwined so tightly that it is hard to stop. If you’re a single-member LLC, and you find yourself doing your taxes and realize that for tax purposes you’d file as a sole proprietor, it might hit you how intertwined you are to your business. You are the business, essentially, so if you skip reading and journaling it seems like it must be done. Well, even if you need to refuel and strengthen your mind– this is how you do it. One step at a time and soon it will become like breathwork.  

Remember you are doing this for your peace of mind and because you want to. So start acting like it and squeeze in these moments!  


  1. Make your food and Eat at a table and sit upright

Make your food as much as possible. Create meals – from struggle meals to decadent dinners – from scratch. You will have better control over what you put in your body and how you feel afterward. Refrain from eating in front of the TV, slouching, or being on your phone. Focus on your food and your actions. Here you are learning how much to consume and alert enough to get through the rest of the evening without crashing.


  1. Incorporate Play. Yes, even as an Adult! 

Incorporate play whenever you can by appreciating all life has to offer. After hours on the job or your work, life does not have to end. We can live a romantic, adventurous life full of laughter, humor, and yes sometimes sadness. Not a complex horror story that went on way too long. Let’s believe this, truly know that this is true. If we can and if we have the means to, let’s try to become carefree like children again for a few hours each day.

Keypoint: Playtime is just for you. If you are a self-employed entrepreneur, playtime is not your Business! If you have a play and it’s something you want to share, you should consider eventually earning from it to supplement your income. But if you have a play that you do not want to share, then it is just for you. But know that sometimes you can outgrow a play or vacillate so don't be afraid to transfer it into a business and play with something else. 

Here are some low-budget play ideas: 

  1. YouTube is your friend. You can learn anything on there, such as an instrument, sewing, painting, and DIY projects or you can join a class
  2. Don't know what to build? Consider building that thing you want to buy but don't need. Or just fix something
  3. Read about facts or things you never knew, 
  4. Move your body and explore new things, settings, or scenery. 
  5. Create a post you'll never share on social media
  6. Bring people together by planning a party or event
  7. Organize or start a new Pinterest board. Pinterest is fun and lets you create
  8. Go to the beach and collect rocks and shells then read about them
  9. Collect books, wine, and plants and dry them, etc
  10. Scrapbooking
  11. Play crafty games
  12. Craft and immerse yourself in a narrative like short stories, poems, novels etc
  13. Create a clothing line by making new wear out of an old piece in your closet
  14. Bookbinding
  15. Printmaking
  16. Go on Canva and play with designs
  17. Read fiction 
  18. Do your nails

I’ve met amazing people these couple of months and it seems that most of us are dreary, tired, or unfulfilled. Our skin is getting drier and we are looking older even though we may be younger. The time for that to end is through little steps like the ones above guiding us along the way. So go ahead, embrace these simple yet powerful practices, and get ready to shine brighter than ever before! You are not alone wherever you are on your journey. 

Leave a comment or reach out to us through our contact page. 

xoxo With love and light,


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