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The Creator's Process at a Glance

Crafting Soap

I started this craft when I wanted a fragrant and healthy bar soap. Turns out, others shared the same excitement. Since that moment, I've been improving and experimenting with different ingredients to bring you the very best. You'll find an abundant selection of unique handmade soaps, the choices are truly endless!

Design Recipe

A lot of thought goes into fashioning a soap recipe. I begin by listing all the benefits my family, friends, and you would enjoy.

My list goes something like this:
Cleans , Softens , Foams/Lathers/Bubbles , Hydrates
Then I formulate and test ingredients around those benefits.

Clean & Inspect

Start in a brightly lit area and clean work space. Set up and inspect tools, and ingredients.

Prepare Lye

Suit up! Safety gloves, goggles, masks and long sleeves.

Weigh sodium hydroxide and water. Slowly add sodium hydroxide to the water while stirring. Set aside to cool.

Prepare Oils

Weigh yummy oils. Combine, melt/heat and stir. Set aside to cool.


Add lye solution to oils and blend. Stir in some smell goods, powder, spices and so on...


Pour soap 'batter' into mold when ready


Insulate with cover, towels or blankets


After a couple days, unmold and cut into bars

Wait & Observe

Set on rack and let soap cure over several weeks

Package & Ship to You

Yeah that's right! Enjoy that lathery, mild, long lasting goody.

This is not a professional lesson in soap making. If you wish to explore the craft, I encourage you to research and dive into the wonderful world of soap making. Enjoy the experience!


I'd love to hear from you! Please share your thoughts by shooting me a message on the contact page.